Building Project- The Education Center

Education is the KEY to breaking the cycle of poverty!


Phase 1- The Education Center:  February, 2017, we broke ground on our new Education Center.  In this Center, we have 4 rooms.  The first room will be used as a computer lab and study room for 10th-11th Grade.  The second room is a work room that will house all our supplies and a workroom for K-3rd grades.  The 3rd room is a classroom that will be used for tutoring and adult education classes; during the day it will be a workroom for 7th-9th grades.   The 4th room is a classroom that will house our English as a second language classes.    Attached to the front of the building is a wide open porch where 4th-6th graders will be able to do their homework.

Here are photos of the Education Center being built:


PHASE 2:  A Bathroom and Septic Tank-  A two-stall bathroom will be built near the back of the property.  It will have a ladies stall and a mens stall and an outdoor sink.  The estimated cost to build the bathroom is $2000.  This is the design we have planned for the bathroom:


PHASE 3:  Studio Apartment, Office and Small Warehouse:  The 3rd phase we’d like to build a small studio apartment that we could offer to the interns who come to work with Life Together Nicaragua.  It would be available for anyone who came to Nicaragua and who wanted to spend the night in Cristo Rey and also a place for anyone who joins LTN and needs a place to stay while they look for their full-time housing.  The apartment would be on the 2nd floor of the building.  On the first floor, we would like to build an office.   This would be a private office to house our Student Enrichment Program files, a private office to have meetings and private office for counseling.   We would also like to attach a small warehouse to house some of the bigger tool items and school supplies.  The projected cost for this building is $8000.  This is the design or something similar, we’d like to incorporate into our building plan:

If you’d like to make a donation or grant to help our building project, please click the link below:

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