Student Enrichment Program 2021

Student Enrichment Program

Education is the future

As a ministry, we had been asking ourselves, “What is the best way to help the people of Cristo Rey?” “What will change their lives in a positive way?” “What will break the generational cycle of living in poverty?”

Our answer was EDUCATION.  In February 2014, we started our Student Enrichment Program. We chose eight teenagers who were entering “Middle School” and offered them an opportunity to go to a private, christian school to further and better their education. Over the next couple of years we would expand to 26 students, 52 students, 85 students, 92 students and this year 93 students!!

The results

Every year we see changes in our students.  We see their excitement as they pursue their dreams.  Their dreams expand into choosing degrees they want to study in college.  They study and work hard in order to change their lives! As students see their classmates graduating high school and the possibility of going to university, it makes them strive harder to get good grades so they can accomplish the same goals.    In 2020, we had 68 students with a GPA of 90% or higher- that means 81% of our students are with academic excellence.

In 2020, we have 19 students who are entering university.  They are the first person in their families to graduate high school and they are the first in their families to go to university.  How exciting is that?  Our university students are studying accounting, English, psychology, nursing, travel and tourism, architecture, marketing and publications.  They are going to be world changers!!!

If you’d like to sponsor a student and change their and your lives, please contact us so you can start immediately and we can register a student.

Sponsoring a student:

  • $150.00- 1x payment due each January. The breakdown of the $150.00: registration, uniforms, shoes and schools supplies
  • $45.00- Monthly Tuition- due the 1st of the month January-December. The breakdown is: $13 tuition, $20 feeding program, $12 bus transportation 
  • $60- Monthly Tuition- UNIVERSITY STUDENT:  Break down-  Tuition and bussing monthly

If you are interested in sponsoring a student, please email us at or contact us through this website.

To make a payment for your student, please set up an account with our donor site and make a payment.  

Here is the link:

If you have any questions, please email our bookkeeper Tarah at:

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Emely Jineth Martinez Lopez

Age: 6  Grade:  1st

SPONSORS:  Kristen McLaren

Luisa Esther Jimenez Garcia

Age:  7   Grade:  2nd

SPONSORS:  Don and Wendy Storey

Cinthia Licia Idiaquez Guevara

Age:  8   Grade:  2nd

SPONSORS:  Rachel White

Amy Marling Mendoza Lopez

Age:  8   Grade:  3rd

SPONSORS:  Bob and Denise Humphrey

Karelin Elizabeth Gomez Pineada

Age:  9   Grade:  4th

SPONSORS:  Monte & Lynn Bishop

Meriyen Lanzas Chavarria

Age:  9   Grade:  4th

SPONSORS:  Kami Darnell

Yaneth Cristel Williams Romero

Age:  10   Grade:  5th

SPONSORS:  Bart and Melissa Marowelli

Keyling de los Angeles Vanegas Urbina

Age:  9   Grade:  5th

Sponsors:  Aaron and Paula Miller

Ezequiel Antonio Lanzas Chavarria

Age:  11  Grade:  5th

Sponsors:   Matt Smolinski

Melvin Antonio Hernandez Jiron

Age:  11   Grade:  6th

Sponsors:  Bruce and Kim Crawford

Wilbur Josue Vanegas Urbina

Age:  11     Grade:  6th

SPONSORS:  Gary and Brenda Zimmerman

Diana Patricia Garcia Jarquin

Age:  12   Grade:  7th

SPONSORS:  Frank and Sue Smolinski

Ashley Dinicha Amaya Leyva

Age:  13   Grade:  8th

SPONSORS: Walker and Erica Stamey

JoAnn Antonio Irias Pavon

Age:  16   Grade:  8th

Sponsors:  Ethan and Janet Smith

Francisco Jose Jimenez Alfaro

Age:   15  Grade:  8th

Sponsors:  Don and Wendy Storey

Urcina Nahomi Enrique Vasquez

Age:  13   Grade:  8th

Sponsors:  Sherrie and Abigail Bronkema

Victor Emmanuel Mendoza Lopez

Age:  13   Grade:  9th

SPONSORS:  Frank and Sue Smolinski

Rihanna Mayesta Martinez Silva

Age:  15   Grade:  9th

SPONSORS:  Dustin and Tiffany Cotrell

Stacy Mercedes Pichardo Quintero

Age:  15   Grade:   10th

Sponsors:  Dougald and Tiffany McNaughton

Maria Estela Quintero Hernandez

Age:  15  Grade:   10th

Sponsors:  Rudy and Wendy Pataro

Darling Lisset Morales Lopez

Age:  15  Grade:  10th

Sponsors:  Greg White

Isaac Abram Masis Lopez

Age:  16   Grade:  10th

Sponsors:  Jeff & Elaine Luther

Eliezer Asael Garcia Gomez

Age: 15   Grade: 10th

SPONSORS:  Wayne and Pam Hundley

Enrique Moises Masis Lopez

Age:  18  Grade:  11th

Sponsors:  David Smolinski

Jonathan Antonio Vanegas Urbina

Age: 16  Grade:  11th


Yuvelzy del Carmen Navarro Gonzales

Age:  16  Grade:  Freshman-University

Studying:  Psychology

Sponsors:  Richard and Vicky Orr

Nubia Maritza Quinterno Hernandez

Age:  20   Grade:  Freshman- University

Studying:  English

Sponsors:  Rudy and Wendy Pataro

Brayan Estiven Oporta Garcia

Age:  18  Grade:  Freshman- University

Studying:  Pharmacy/Chemistry

Sponsors:  Jim and Nancy Tezak

Moises Elias Irias Pavon

Age:  17  Grade:  Freshman-  University

Studying:  Mechanics

Sponsors:  Brian Zook 

Katehyrne Rachel Bello Martinez

Age:  19   Grade:  Sophomore- University

Studying:  Accounting

Sponsors:  Jim & Cathy Gleason

Hamilton Giovani Mendina Lopez

Age: 17   Grade: Sophomore- University

Studying:  Architecture

SPONSORS:  Judy Shoun

Axel Stiven Vivas Rivas

Age: 6      Grade: 1st

SPONSORS:  Michael Michalak

Brandon Isaac Morales Lopez

Age: 7  Grade:  2nd

SPONSORS:  Joel Michalak

Abrahan Isaias Enrique Vanegas

Age: 7      Grade: 2nd

SPONSORS:  Sherrie and Abigail Bronkema

Denis Jesus Rivas Vivas

Age: 8      Grade: 3rd

SPONSORS:  Mark and Aundria Lear

Samuel Israel Garcia Jarquin

Age: 9    Grade:  4th

SPONSORS:  Don Mitchell

Justin Eliuth Jimenez Alfaro

Age:  9  Grade:  4th

SPONSORS:  Dr. Laura & Jessegrace Ford

Kendra Nicol Bonilla Sequiera

Age:  10    Grade:  5th

SPONSORS:  John and Pam Enos

Britani Carolina Valle Rocha

Age:  10  Grade:  5th

Sponsors:   Stephen and Marlene Moore

Ana Gabriela Romero

Age:  13    Grade:  5th

Sponsors:  Dorene Radke-Boyd

Carlos de Jesus Morales Lopez

Age:  11  Grade:  6th

Sponsors:   Ken and Jennifer Michalak

Ochiva Massiel Corea

Age:  11      Grade:  6th

SPONSORS:  Brad, Tarah and Riley Purvis

John Kener Pichardo Quintero

Age:  12    Grade:  7th

Sponsors:  Beautifully Broken

Heydi Massiel Gutierrez Urbina

Age:  13    Grade:  8th

SPONSORS:   Stuart and Heidi Wuerthele

Adrian Alberto Leiva Mayorga

Age:  13   Grade:  8th

SPONSORS:  Jill Radke Fedewa

Keyling del Rosario Sequiera Vilchez

Age:  13   Grade:  8th

SPONSORS:  Jeff & Heather Harris

Yanisca Guadalupe Gomez Largaespada

Age:  13   Grade:  8th

Sponsors:  Bart and Melissa Marowelli

Rina Massiel Meña Suazo

Age:  14   Grade:  9th

Sponsors:  Chuck and Tracy Fosdick

Horacio Enrique Lopez Rostran

Age: 13   Grade:  9th

SPONSORS:  Jeff and Elaine Luther

Sumaya Massiel Guido Silva

Age:  15    Grade:  10th

Sponsors:  Tom and Janice Luther

Josue Ezequiel Jimenez Vasquez

Age:  17    Grade:  10th

Sponsors:  Laura Bell

Donys Ismael Amaya Leiva

Age: 16   Grade: 10th

SPONSORS:  Carol Long

Maryeli Rubi Navaretti Rivera

Age: 15   Grade:  10th

SPONSORS:  Denise Harn

Jostin Jose Velazques Gadea

Age:  17  Grade:  10th

Sponsors:  Jim & Cathy Gleason

Jessica Lisseth Jimenez

Age:  18   Grade:  11th

Sponsors:  Frank and Sue Smolinski

Claribel del Rosario Gutierrez

Age:  16  Grade:  11th

Sponsors:  Stuart and Heidi Wuerthele

Melvin Junior Quintero Hernandez

Age:  16  Grade:  Freshman- University

Studying:  English

Sponsors:  Rudy and Wendy Pataro

Odalys Junnieth Jarquin

Age: 17  Grade:  Freshman- University

Studying:  Civil Engineering

SPONSORS:  Ethan & Jamie Allen

Elia Nancy Vanegas Urbina

Age:  18  Grade:  Sophomore- University

Studying:  Accounting

Sponsors:  Marietta Brooks

Kenneth Josue Madrigal Lopez

Age: 18  Grade:  Freshman- College

Studying:  Marketing and Publication

SPONSORS:  Will and Kim Nugent

Keyla Tatiana Sequeira

Age:  20  Grade:  Junior- University

Major:  Travel and Tourism

Sponsors:  Greg & Lisa Rentschler

Genesis Nathaly Mendoza Lopez

Age:  17   Grade:  Sophomore- University

Studying:  Psychology

Sponsors:  Deidra Stierle

Florencia del Carmen Barbosa Barberena

Age: 7      Grade: 2nd

SPONSORS:  Brandon and Laura Boyd-Long

Gretchelt Sofia Vallecio Garcia

Age: 7  Grade:  2nd

SPONSORS:  Rachel White

Deysi “Sarai” Lanzas Chavarria

Age:  9      Grade:  3rd

SPONSORS:  Rick Darnell

Gustavo Adolfo Mena Suazo

Age: 9      Grade: 4th

SPONSORS:  Mike and Holly Sayer

Ruben Alexander Villegas

Age:  9    Grade:  4th

Sponsors:  Sandra and Larry Pixley

Delmer Antonio Urbina Mairena

Age:  9   Grade:  4th

SPONSORS:  Sandra Gauntlett

Daniel Antonio Lanzas Chavarria

Age:  11    Grade:  5th

Sponsors:  Tobias and Sue Cardone

Jerremy Ariel Gutierrez Silva

Age:  11  Grade:  5th

Sponsors:   David Smolinski

Ashling Dinieh Mendoza Jarquin

Age:  11    Grade:  6th

Sponsors:  Mike and Stacy Colias

Karla Daniela Mairena

Age:  11   Grade:  6th

Sponsors:  Norris & Ruth Isley

Estefany del Carmen Rocha

Age:  13    Grade:  6th

Sponsors:  Stephen and Marlene Moore

Javier de los Reyes Rivas Chavarria

Age:  124  Grade:  6th

SPONSORS: Walker and Erica Stamey

Adanis Dayli Bonilla Sequeira

Age:  13   Grade:   8th

Sponsors:  David and Debbie Langley

Gustavo Manuel Jaime Largaespada

Age:  16   Grade:  8th

SPONSORS:  Matt & Trish Crigger

Alisson Dayana Jimenez Garcia

Age: 13    Grade:  8th

SPONSORS:  Beth Reigel

Maria Isabel Baez Castillo

Age:  16  Grade:  9th

Sponsors:  Ken and Diane Gilmore

Mayaring Juneyling Blandon Suarez

Age: 14   Grade: 9th

SPONSORS:  Margaret Holcombe

Wilbur Danilo Barbosa Barberina

Age:  15    Grade:  9th

Sponsors:  Jessie & Megan Burnette

Keyla Vanessa Jarquin

Age:  16   Grade:  10th

Sponsors:  Todd and Kimberly Campbell

Ingrid Cristina Herrera Jarquin

Age: 16  Grade:  10th

SPONSORS:  Ted and Karen Klemm

Karol Jacquelin Davila

Age:  15  Grade:  10th

Sponsors:  Phillip and Barbara Bender

Yuleydy Solimar Rodriguez Chavarria

Age:  15  Grade:  10th

Sponsors:  Jeremy and Julie Zahn

Wilber Esteban Diaz Jarquin

Age:  18  Grade:  11th

Sponsors:  David and Carol Taylor

Stacy Daniella Bonilla Sequeira

Age:  16   Grade:   11th

Sponsors:  Sean and Samm Pryce

Nelson Antonio Quintero Hernandez

Age:  18   Grade: Freshman-University

Studying:  English

Sponsors:  Rudy and Wendy Pataro

Kenedit Jossue Bello Martinez

Age:  17   Grade:  Freshman- University

Studying:  Computer Engineering

Sponsors:  Chuck and Tracey Fosdick


Belsy Nohelia Morales Jarquin

Age:  16  Grade:  Freshman- University

Studying:  System Engineering

Sponsors:  Frank and Sue Smolinski

Jassura Meña Rios

Age:  19  Grade:  Sophomore- University

Studying:  Pre-Med

Sponsors:  Robin Rasor

Marlubis Lourdes Silva Gutierrez

Age:  20  Grade:  Junior- University

Studying:  English

Sponsors:  Stuart and Heidi Wuerthele

Ana Julia Villegas

Age:  20  Grade:  Junior- University

Studying:  Accounting

Sponsors:  Kevin and Mandy Green

To Financially Sponsor the Student Enrichment Program, please visit the link below:

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