How Can I Help???

People have asked, "How can we help?"  So, Tim and I have come up with a few opportunities that you can participate in to help those children in Cristo Rey!


Shop with Amazon


Everyone shops with Amazon and now when you do, you can give a percentage of what you bought directly to Life Together Nicaragua.  To do some shopping, please visit:






We now have coffee available for sale.  All proceeds from the sale of the coffee benefit the daily operating costs of the feeding program.  To purchase your coffee, please visit:  Choose the coffee you want and then select LIFE TOGETHER NICARAGUA as your supporting organization!!  Drink a cup of coffee and feed a child all at the same time!!!



School Supplies


Place a box in your church foyer, in your house, with your small group, in your garage....WHEREVER!!!!  Throughout the year, you can collect things that the kids need for school:





Geometry Kits

Scientific Calculators


Colored Pencils

Pencil Box Holders

White Out

White Board Markers


Spanish/English Dictionaries





When you fill a box, you can send me an email and I'll tell you the location you can drop the box off at or mail too; or better yet you can bring the box of school supplies to Nicaragua yourself.



Kans for Kids


Collect pop cans for the children of Nicaragua.  Set up a rubbermaid garbage can and fill it with pop cans.  Every month take those pop cans in and whatever you get from the deposits, you can send to us and we'll use it in the area that you want.    It's simple and an easy way to help!!



Rice Banks


This is something we've come up for  small groups, but families could do it too!  As a small group, most eat dinner before they start the Bible Study part.  Instead of eating a big dinner that night, whatever you would have spent to make your part of the meal ($2.00 brownies) don't buy them instead bring that money and place it in the rice bank.  That night we would encourage you to eat rice (primary staple in Nicaragua) and spend the hour of Bible Study, praying for Nicaragua, us, Cristo Rey, the Nicaraguan people and anything else that God would bring to your attention.  This could be done once a month and the funds collected could be used to help support us as missionaries or it can go the feeding programs or you can save the money and build a house for a family in Cristo Rey.