Christ the King’s Kitchen runs 5 days a week.  We are currently serving food to about 350 kids per day, Monday-Friday.  As of right now, the cost to feed a child per month is $20.00………THAT’S IT!!!!!  Most kids who come to the feeding program will only get the bowl of food that is served, and that will be all that they eat for the day.  Our menu changes daily, each day we serve rice with soy, a protein, tortilla, plantain or fruit, and a soy based drink. If you’d like to provide a child with a bowl of food for a month please donate today!!!


TO GIVE ONLINE and Feed A Child-  Please Click the Link Below:



A visitor handing out bowls of food

Boys are eating!

Some of the girls eating!

Moms feeding their children!

Diana doing a Bible story with the kids!


Handing out bowls of food!

The Boys!

Yummy soup!

Chop Suey and Rice!

Girls waiting for their food!

Erika handing out bowls of food!

Meriyen loves her food!

The kitchen ladies preparing the food!

Erika leading the kids in prayer before they eat!

Feeding Program

Getting ready for prayer!

All the chairs after setting up!

Tim and Amy TaylorFeeding Program- Christ The King’s Kitchen