Convoy of Hope Partnership

For a couple of years we have been partnering with Convoy of Hope-Nicaragua to help us meet some needs we have in our Centers.  They help provide our feeding center with rice & soy, vitamins, nutritional food.  They work alongside of us weighing and measuring all of our feeding program children.  Twice a year they bring a doctor to the feeding center to check children who are on our nutritional plan. They provide medical attention if the child needs it.   


At the education Center, they come and help provide prenatal classes and young mom classes. Assisting a couple of our university girls and a mom of our one of students, they provide help in providing materials for children Bible study. 


To read more about what Convoy of Hope does, please click on their logo and it will take you to their website.


We are excited to see in what other areas we can partner together to the the community of Cristo Rey.

Life Together Nicaragua

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