Student Sponsor Mission Trip 2020

Mission Trip 2020

January 25 – January 30, 2020

We would like to present our very first mission trip dedicated to student sponsors and their sponsored student. These five days (January 25 – 30, 2020) will be filled with fun activities and special memory making time with your student and their family. It will be a time to get to know your student better and see what life is like for them in Nicaragua. You’ll get to meet their family and spend time with them over a meal that will be provided. It will be an unforgettable trip and it will be life changing for you and also for your student!  This trip is an all-expense paid trip (except for your airline ticket).  While in Nicaragua, anything you would need or want will be made available to you.  Whether you are at the guesthouse or on the daily excursion, ALL expenses will be paid!

We also want to provide discounts for multiple family members who want to attend.

  • 1st family member-  $1400.00
  • 2nd family member-  $1100.00
  • 3rd family member- $900.00
  • 4th family member- $700.00

The cost for the trip is $1400.00 per person – includes ALL expenses EXCEPT your airline ticket!

There are ONLY 12 spots available.  To confirm your spot on the trip, please send your deposit of $300.00. The trip will be led by experienced team leaders, sponsors themselves and experts at taking trips to Nicaragua: Don and Wendy Storey.

Below there is a form that needs to be filled out; also the deposit needs to be made in order to secure your spot!  When you click on the link to make your deposit, it will take you to our online donation site.  Please don’t that you are paying for your deposit and not making a donation.  We can’t change the way our online donation site works..sorry if there is any confusion!

Payment Schedule:
  • Deposit:  October 1-  $300.00
  • 1st Payment:  November 1- $350.00
  • 2nd Payment:  December 1- $350.00
  • 3rd/Final Payment- January 1- $400.00

To Make Your Deposit of $300.00 and Secure Your Spot on this Trip, please click this link:

Breakdown of Expenses

Financial Breakdown  
Deposit per person $300
Room/Board incudes breakfast daily $180
Lunches   $60
Dinners   $100
Special Meals with Students   $100
Transportation Vehicles and Driver $200
Translators 8 translators $80
Outings Fun Days $120
Supplies   $100
Tips   $60
Misc. Expenses   $40
Administrative Fee   $60
Total Individual Costs: $1400
Proposed Agenda for Trip:

Saturday, January 25th:

  • Lunch at Restaurant in Managua
  • Guesthouse (Quinta Felllowship) Arrival
  • Information Meeting/Get to Know You
  • Team Dinner
  • Team Devotions & Best/Worst of the Day
  • Free Time

Sunday, January 26th:

  • Team Breakfast
  • Free Time
  • 10:30- Students and Families Arrive at Quinta Fellowship
  • Games and Introductions
  • Lunch at Quinta Fellowship
  • Swimming, Afternoon Crafts and Games
  • 6:00 pm- Dinner with Families and Team Dinner
  • 7:30 pm- Families leave for Cristo Rey
  • Team Devotions & Best/Worst of the Day
  • Free Time

Monday, January 27th:

  • Team Breakfast
  • Team Heads to Cristo Rey
  • Go to Student’s School, Meet Directors and Tour
  • 10:00 am- Meet Students at the Center in Cristo Rey and Tour Centers
  • 12:00 pm- Lunch with Student at Restaurant
  • Movie Theatre with Students
  • Ice Cream with Students
  • Provide Quick Dinner for Students/Students Return to Cristo Rey
  • Team Returns to Quinta Fellowship
  • Team Dinner
  • Team Devotions & Best/Worst of the Day
  • Free Time

Tuesday, January 28th:

  • Team Breakfast
  • Team Heads to Cristo Rey
  • Meets Students at Center
  • Visit Student’s Homes
  • Lunch Provided by LTN at Student’s Homes
  • Afternoon- Granada with Students for Boat Tour
  • Dinner in Granada with Students at a Restaurant
  • Return Students to Cristo Rey
  • Team Returns to Quinta Fellowship
  • Team Devotions & Best/Worst of the Day

Wednesday, January 29th:

  • Team Breakfast
  • 9:00 am- Students Arrive at Quinta Fellowship
  • Water Park in Managua with Students
  • Lunch in Managua with Students
  • Return to Quinta Fellowship with Students
  • Swimming, Craft/Art Time
  • Goodbye Party- Ice Cream Sundae Party- Cookout
  • Goodbyes
  • Team Devotions & Best/Worst of Day

Thursday, January 30th:

  • Team Breakfast
  • Flights to US
  • Those who wish to extend their trip can do so at additional cost

To Make Your Deposit of $300.00 and Secure Your Spot on this Trip, please click this link:

Life Together Nicaragua

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