2019-You Know It Has Been Rough When You Get The First Newsletter In September

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Newsletter-Spring, Summer and Fall (and possibly winter)

So, you are receiving our first newsletter of 2019 IN SEPTEMBER!  This is any indication of what our year has been like, you'll perfectly understand our lateness!!  First, let us apologize with sincere hearts for not updating sooner and more often!  2019 has been an extremely difficult year, probably one of our hardest in the eight years we have been doing ministry.  However, through it all, God continues to provide and show us more of Him with every step we take.  We have always told ourselves we would be honest and truthful about life in Nicaragua and not just share all the "pretty" stuff.  So, please bare with us as this newsletter might be a little bit longer than normal.  We have LOTS to share!!  We promise the next one won't be so long!

Our students for 2019!!!   Praise God- all of our students have been sponsored.  They have been working hard this year to accomplish their goals.  Within our high school students, more than 50% of the students have a GPA of 90% or higher!!  What an accomplishment!!  We have 6 girls attending different universities in Managua.  Each are studying different areas and each of them are working hard to change their lives!  If you'd like to sponsor a student for the school year 2020, please send an email to amy@lifetogethernicaragua.org.  We would like to add 10 students for the upcoming school year, but will need sponsors in order to do that!  Please let us know if you or someone else would like to sponsor a student.
Student Enrichment Sponsor Mission Trip

Introducing our 1st Student Sponsor Mission Trip
January 25-30, 2020!!!

We would like to invite all of our sponsors to Nicaragua for a life changing mission trip.  For five days, you'll spend quality time with your student getting to know them more personally and also have the opportunity to get to know their families.  It will be a week you and your student will NEVER forget!!  For more information, please click on the link below and it will take you to our website.  All the information about the trip is there.  If you'd like to come on the trip, your deposit is due by October 1.  

Christ the King's Feeding Program
Our feeding program continues to grow!  Every month, new kids come to be served a bowl of food!  From May, we have added 186 new kids to our attendance books!  Daily we are serving around 350 children a nutritional bowl of food.  Since the country's problems last year, many people have lost their jobs, many have fled the country, food prices have increased, electric has increased and so our feeding program has grown out of an essential need.  Since our feeding program has grown and food prices are growing, we are in need of sponsorships for our feeding program kids.  For $20 a month, you can feed a child.  On our website, we have children available for sponsorship.  Just click on the "Sponsor" button and it will take you to our online donation site and there you can set up your payment.  We have LOTS of children to choose from.  Also, if your yearly sponsorship expired on September 1, it is time to renew your sponsorship.  Again, just choose a child and your year sponsorship will renew.

Here is the link to sponsor a feeding program child

Thursday's Garbage Dump Lunch Day
Every Thursday, we continue to feed the workers in the garbage dump.  Our numbers have grown in this area of ministry also.  Last Thursday, we ran out of food at 150 workers, sadly, many of them were children who were working in the dump.  Poverty continues to grow and it weighs heavy on our hearts to see the numbers of workers grow in the dump.  We are praying hard that God would supply enough resources for us to start feeding the dump workers another day during the week.  If you'd like to help sponsor another day of feeding in the dump, please contact us and we can tell you the additional cost.  
Quinta Fellowship
Our Quinta (guesthouse) is doing great!  Even though we haven't had many teams this past year because of the civil unrest, we have been able to use the property to start a little farm.  We currently have 8 adult goats and 2 baby goats.  The goats provide milk for our feeding center.  We have 18 malnourished kids who receive a glass of milk each day and we are daily seeing improvement in these kids.  The male goats will grow to become food for the feeding program.  We also have chickens (30)  that provide hundreds of eggs weekly for the feeding program.  Recently, we added another 30 chickens that we raise and every 2 months we kill them and use the meat for the feeding program.  We have a garden where we have lots of vegetables and fruit trees which again is used in the feeding program.  We have been blessed by this added benefit because the price of food has tripled over the past year.  

We are very much thankful for the teams that have come this year and those that are coming later this year.  You have been such a blessing to us!  If you want to schedule a team for 2020, please email us and we would LOVE for you to come and serve alongside of us.
This year has been a year of goodbyes.  For seven years, these ladies have worked for us.  Some of them from the very beginning, December 2012,  and some have been working for us for a year.  We continually appreciate everything that they have brought to our ministry.  Thankful for all their hard work and dedication to serve their community.  They are greatly missed but we wish them all the best as they take on their next adventure!  Thank you Diana, Deysi, Yolanda for all your hard work!! We love you and are thankful that we get to see you often and still share life together with you. As well, Yesman and Mirian are no longer serving with us at Quinta Fellowship and we wish them all the best as they return home to Northern Nicaragua.  Our current staff is Karla, Erika, Dinah, Carmen and Maria Erlinda, plus two security guards.  The ladies are working hard at the Centers.  New menus have been created in the feeding program and they work hard serving every kid that comes through our door!  Dinah works extremely hard with all the students!  Our guards make sure our buildings and property are safe!  We are very blessed to have these ladies and men in our ministry!

New Board Members

It's a new year, so we have new board members.  You can feel free to reach out to any of our board members if you have any questions or needs.  They will be happy to assist you.  To read more about our board members, please visit our website:


Welcome to the Board
Ken Michalak
Jennifer Michalak
Ashley Jester
Stuart Wuerthele
Frank Smolinski

We want to thank Bruce Paul for all his years of service on our board.  We very much appreciate his hard work as treasurer.  He played such a valuable part of our board.  Thank you Bruce for everything!

  • 1 year requirement-  Quinta Fellowship Care Takers.  Live on the property and take care of our guests, oversee employees at the Quinta, and also help out on the farm.  This is a paid position, enough for you to live on in Nicaragua.  Housing, ministry vehicle, utilities provided.  Must be able to speak some Spanish.
  • 9 month requirement-  Math Tutor-  Work in Cristo Rey in the afternoons with our students tutoring them in math.  Housing will be provided but you must raise support.  Spanish is a must!
  • 1 year requirement-  Youth Pastor and family-  Looking for a full time ministry partner to work with our youth.  Responsibilities will be weekly youth night meetings, counseling youth, visiting youth, small group Bible studies.  All support must be raised for this position. Spanish is a must.
  • 9 month requirement-  English Teacher-  Work in Cristo Rey teaching youth and adults English.  Prepare your own English curriculum.  You set your own schedule and decide your class size.  A classroom will be provided and housing.  You must raise your own support to live in Nicaragua. Spanish is a must.
  • Marketing-  We are looking for a part-time volunteer position to help us with marketing.  We need new ministry brochures made and printed.  Help us get our name out there.  Contact other organization that would like to work with us.  Find marketing events for us to participate in.  This position would be volunteer.
  • Grant Writer-  We are looking for a grant writer who can help us apply for grants. 

1.  Another Washing Machine- Quinta- $400

2. Queen Bed & Mattress- Quinta- $400

3. Air Conditioner- Quinta- $1500

4. Cement Mop Sinks (3)- $300

5. Bowls and Cups Feeding Program- $100

6. 5 Laptops for College Students to borrow (belongs to LTN NOT

student)- $2000

7. Motorcycle for ministry- $3000

8. Office and Warehouse on Education Center Property- $6000

9. New Ministry Truck Industrial- $30,000

10. Purchase Ministry Property & Build- $300,000

11.  In Nicaragua- 2-full time administrators- $1500 monthly


The Taylor Family Update

What a whirlwind of a year for the Taylor family!  A year of changes!!  A year of new adventures!!  A year of heartbreaks!! As the new year started, our word for the year was rest.  We started our 7th year of being on the mission field and we chose 2019 as our year to rest-mentally and physically.  Well, God had other plans.  

In May, we made our way to the States to celebrate Remington's graduation from high school.  We spent time with family and friends celebrating his big accomplishment.  After graduation, Remington and Tim went for a 3 week trip all over the United States.  Memories were made and they had an absolute blast!  So what now for Remington.....Remington's dream ever since he was a little boy was to join the Marine Corp once he graduated from high school.  However, since his diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes, he is not permitted to serve his country in the military.  It was a hard blow for him.  He researched and researched as to what he wanted to do with his life.  He settled on joining the police academy, but couldn't do that until 21, so he thought he would just work for the next 2 years and save his money.  Well, realization hit and getting a full-time job at 18, making enough money to support himself, wasn't as easy as he thought it would be.  All summer, he looked for a job but was unsuccessful.  So, once again, he started to look at what to do with his life.  He decided to look at colleges.  Over the month of August, we have travelled to three different colleges, determining if this was the right choice and if so, where would he go.  Well, last week, we visited Liberty University.  Remington loved the university and they had the exact program he wanted to study.  So he filled out the application and put down his registration deposit.  Now, he will work on finishing up his essays, figure out finances and in November take his SAT's.  His goal is to start college in January, 2020, but if he can't get in Fall, 2020 he will start his freshman year of college.  He recently got a job working in a nursing home.  He is excited and really looks forward to working with elderly people.  His diabetes is doing good. He is doing good managing it and is working on transitioning from pediatric endocrinology to adult endocrinology.  God continues to work in Remington's life and surely has incredible plans for Him!

Dylan started his summer off by going to prom!  It was his first "American high school" experience!  His date for prom was a girl he met on a mission trip in Nicaragua.  They became friends and he asked her to prom!  If you'd like to watch the "prom proposal", here is the link:  https://youtu.be/Eu9YPDEVtkk   Prom was an experience and in Dylan's words, "It was interesting"!  Dylan spent the summer relaxing, catching up on video games, did a lot of swimming and even went to a Tiger's game.  In August, Dylan started his Junior year of high school at Nicaragua Christian Academy.  This is a big change for him since he has been homeschool since 4th grade.  He is enjoying school and is learning a great deal. His class schedule is extremely hard but he has done well adjusting. His favorite classes are American Literature and Coding.  Next summer, he'll be touring colleges to determine where he wants to go after his senior year.  He wants to study something to do with CGI for video games or movies; I don't know the terminology or what it all means exactly but he finds it all fascinating!  He is such an incredible young man.  His quietness and sense of humor are some of the best things about him.  He's a giant and continues to grow-surpassing his parents long ago!

Many of you know that last year, we took in a little girl, Shanely.  She has been living with us since December and has become our daughter (not legally).  She has settled into living with us and enjoys her own bed, ice cream, Peppa the Pig, Masha and the Bear, swimming, feeding the goats, drawing tattoos on her Papa and Remington, baking, sweeping the floors, Ranch dressing and organizing the dog food cans.  Our plan and goal is to possibly start the adoption process later this year.  In Nicaragua, the process is complicated and most likely will be difficult, but we are going to try and just trust that God will allow us and make the way for us to adopt her.

Tim and Amy are doing good.  This summer has been spent celebrating graduations, going to weddings, Tim touring the States with Remington, visiting colleges, Amy getting a girl's weekend away, a family vacation at our family cabin, working on office ministry things for the US and for Nicaragua, board meetings and so much more.  We always think when we come to the States, "Three months is such a long time", but then we are here and it goes by so fast that we never get everything done we need to get done.  There have been challenges this summer but with every challenge comes new growth.  We are appreciative of everyone who has shown us love, let us borrow a car, written us notes, been a listening ear, taken us out for a fun night and dinner.  Without your continued love and support, this journey would be more difficult.  We love you all and are beyond thankful for you!

While so much good has happened; we've also had our struggles.  The year started off with one of our little girls in our student program, Kareling, almost dying from sepsis from a ruptured appendix.  We spent a month in and out of the hospital sitting with her family, preparing for her death.  However, the Lord preformed an incredible miracle and Kareling survived; however the month drained us emotionally.  If you'd like to read about the miracle name Kareling, please click on our facebook page and read about her.  



As the Spring continued, we faced hardships with losing friends and co-workers in Cristo Rey.  While we supported their decisions to leave it was extremely difficult to have trusted workers decide to leave.   We worked through everything and the ladies we still have work for us are incredible and work extremely hard to make the much needed changes that needed to happen. We've had personal struggles, family struggles, financial struggles, Satan's attacks have been hard and overwhelming.  Anxiety, panic, nervousness, dealing with another one of our children, a 6 year old girl in Cristo Rey, being molested, physical abuse to ladies and children in Cristo Rey, a student leaving the student program to go live with a physically abusive boyfriend, another dropping out of school to pursue a stranger they met on Facebook, Plan A not working out, going to Plan B and that not working out, Amy's dad having a stroke and heart attack.  We don't share all of this to be down on the world or to gain sympathy, but to share God's glory through all of it!  No matter what has happened; it has all been in God's plan-His path that He is directing us on!  Isaiah 54:10 says: "For the mountains may move and the hills may disappear, but even then my FAITHFUL LOVE FOR YOU WILL REMAIN. My covenant of blessing WILL NEVER BE BROKEN says the Lord, who has mercy on you."  One thing we have learned in ministry is when Satan attacks, God is going to do something mind-blowing!  His power is ready to burst open and his blessings are ready to be showered!  We hold onto the truth of Isaiah 54:2-3a: "Enlarge your house, build an addition, spread out your home, and share no expense! For you will soon be bursting at the seams."  God is all-powerful, all-knowing, full of unfailing love and wants nothing more than to gather us and cover us like a mother hen does for her chicks.  We give Him praise for the first half of 2019 and we lay the rest of 2019 in His hands!
So lets talk about money...YEAH!!  Our most favorite thing to talk about.  Summer has come and gone and Fall is starting.  For the ministry, this is our most difficult time of the year financially.  People enjoy their summer, go on vacations, having to get kids back to school and missionaries and non-profit get forgotten about.  It costs an average about $8,000 a month to run our ministry, which is a lot of money (well for us it is).  We have so many faithful donors and supporters and we are very thankful for those who give generously every month.  We really couldn't do any of this without you.  What we would love is for those who don't give or haven't given in a long time to consider donating to help us meet our monthly financial need.  Every little bit will help and we know that God will supply and meet our needs.

"Fulfill what I led you to do, and do it now."
"Stop adding things up."
"Stop worrying."
"Stop wondering how much stuff you need to have before
you can actually step forward and obey me."
"I am God and I've never let you down."
"Every time I have led you to make a financial decision
where you needed to trust me, you have always ended up
saying, 'Thank you, God, for leading us to do that.'"
"There's never been a time in your life, married or single, 
when you've given to me and then looked back and said,
'We regret giving to God what we gave to God.'"
Let's step out in faith and believe that God is big.  Let's not work it out on paper first, because we CAN'T work it out on paper.  Let's let God work it out in our lives, and let's let HIS story become our story.  God wasn't calling us to be comfortable.  He was calling us to be FAITHFUL!!
-  Louie Giglio Goliath Must Fall

We ask you to step out in faith.  Step out and let God bless you by giving.  Be His hands and feet and help us meet a great need.  To give, please click on the link below:

If you'd like to mail a check, please mail it to:
Life Together Nicaragua
P O Box 392
Saline, MI 48176

Upcoming Events:

* October 25, 2019-  Life Together Nicaragua Fundraiser-  6:00 pm-  Weber's Hotel & Restaurant- Ann Arbor.  For more information or to purchase a ticket, please email stuart@lifetogethernicaragua.org.  It will be a great and fun night!  Plan now to come and support LTN!!!

* December 8, 2019-  Life Together Nicaragua, Student Enrichment Program Graduation- Nicaragua.  If you'd like to come to Nicaragua to celebrate your graduating student, please send an email to amy@lifetogethernicaragua.org for more information.

* January-December, 2020-  TEAM SEASON IS OPEN!!  If you'd like to plan a mission trip for your church, family, friends or business, please email tim@lifetogethernicaragua.org or amy@lifetogethernicaragua.org to schedule your team.  Calendar is filling up fast for 2020 so please let us know asap.

*July-August, 2020-  Taylor family speaking engagements at churches in MICHIGAN.  If you'd like us to come and speak at your church, please email tim@lifetogethernicaragua.org to schedule a time for us to come and share!
We want to give a BIG thank you to McConnell Baptist Church for coming to Nicaragua and helping us meet some of our needs.  They re-built our feeding center bathroom, taught several ladies how to cut hair, taught Bible school to some kids, played with kids, feed the workers in the dump and provided two new air conditioners for our computer lab in the education center!  We appreciate their love and help!  Thank you for coming to Nicaragua and serving alongside of us!

Prayer Requests:

  • Discernment and wisdom for decision making in ministry.
  • Students finishing up their 2019 school year. 
  • Our staff in Nicaragua
  • Remington- starting a new job, staying back in the US, peace, college journey, SAT exam
  • Dylan- starting a new school, new changes, future plans after high school, SAT exam
  • Amy's dad-  recovery, wisdom for doctors, upcoming surgery
  • A place for us to live while we are in the States next summer.
  • People to join the ministry to help meet our personnel needs.

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